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i think the message is clear in san francisco we're gonna solve our crimes. we're gonna recover property and the bad guys are gonna go to jail. >> a quick break in the case of the stolen picasso. that's our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we've learned more information about the suspect in the kay an how he -- in the case and how he was caught. san francisco police just gave us new details on how they
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broke the case. sal kakas is live in san francisco. sal -- sal castanedosh is live in san francisco. sal? >> reporter: police say he walked in and walked out with an expensive piece of property. he walked in an walked out with the pram, pencil on paper, picasso drawing shown here. the piece is worth $100,000. he was caught on surveillance tape which police say was very helpful in tracking him down. the police chief, grow, -- greg sur, says -- >> this is an unbelievable
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amount of piecework done. i think the mess an is clear in san francisco, that we're gonna solve our crimes and recover property and the bad guy are going to jail. >> now, the suspect had arrived in the bay area from the east coast on july 4th. tau, he showed -- today they showed clothes of the witness. investigators tracked lugo from where he was staying at the hotel palomara 4thant market to an apartment -- and market to an apartment complex in napa. >> he was saying with a couple that he knew in new york. it was in an apartment-style complex. he was enjoying an evening with his friends. >> reporter: now, the police tell us they don't believe the couple new anything about what lugo had done. the man is facing, burglary, grand theft, stole be property and drug charges. police say the drawing was
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recovered in good ship. it appears, they say, that he was getting ready to -- to ship it. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. a disable the big rig that was calling a modular building has caused a massive traffic tieup. the chp says the driver apparently cost control on i-0 near 7th street just west of the bridge approach. the truck blocked the right two lanes. that was around 6:0. here0 -- 6:20. here is a look at the scene four hours later. and here it is now, this is i- 80 m fifth. you can see the traffic accident is gone an traffic is moving smoothly in that area.
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casey anthony is not walking away a free woman just yet. she looked different when she came to court tau. she normally wore her hair in a bun but arrived with her hair down. she was given four years for lying to investigators. court officials believe she will be released next wednesday because of time served an good behavior. >> just as the jury spoke, on counts, one, two an three, by their verdict -- and three by their verdict. they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts, four, five, six an seven -- and seven. >> an tony was acquitted for the more serious charges -- anthony was acquitted for the more serious charges, for the death of her daughter. the state 6 florida wants to charge her -- of florida wants to charge her for the investigation of the case.
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we are learning new information after a park shooting in the east bay. it happened last night in pittsburg along the delta deanza trail. police say now say it was a targeted attack. ktvu's christien kafton has more detail. >> reporter: taketake a look. you can see there's still police tape. this area is still cordoned off. there is a heavy police presence. you can see that. they are getting an assist from pittsburg police. both agencies on the scene. pittsburg police say the victim in this case had an exten serve criminal history. pittsburg police were the first to respond to a shooting around:45 last night. investigators -- around 8:45 last night. paramedics found him with a gunshot wound. they were able to get him to the hospital. >> he's on life support. we don't expect him to make it
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much longer. >> reporter: pittsburg police say the victim may have been the target of a recent homicide attempt in antioch that's well known to investigators. >> our victim is a pittsburg resident, 0 0120 years ole, who has -- 20 years old, what has an extensive criminal history. >> reporter: sheryl smith runs the delta deanza trail regularly an says sometimes this area draws an undesirable element. >> you can't be out here at night an really, really early in the morning -- and really, really early because they hang out. by -- >> this was not a random act that occurred. >> reporter: pittsburg police say they will be contacting
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antioch police to see if the shooting there is related to last night's shooting here and to see if that leads them to a suspect. we're live in pittsburg, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san francisco police arrested a man early this morning on suspicion of kidnapping a 10-month-old boy. police say the 3-year-old man got into an argument with the boy's mother at pierce and lum bard in the marina district. police say he said he was leaving and took the baby. police found them. they've not said anything about the relationship between the man and the woman. some of the bay area fishermen who survived that accident in mexico, may be returning to san ramon, where many have left their cars. we now have video moments after the surviver were rescued. 35 people were thrown into the water along the baja peninsula early sunday morning after
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their fishing boat cap sized. this man is -- capsized. this man is one of the survivers. >> i'm still very hopeful as the rest of the people here. i was in the water for 16 hours. i was okay. so given maybe it's the third day. there's still some hope. >> the coast gather sent another plane from sacramento to help for the missing. president obama described this morning's bipartisan session on the nation's debt ceiling as constructive. but they say the parties are still far apart on exactly how to redue the def -- reduce the deficit. >> everybody acknowledged the issue of our debt and deficit is something that needs to be tackled here. everybody acknowledged that in order to do that, democrats an republicans are gonna be required in each chamber. everybody acknowledged that we have to get this done before
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the hard deadline of augustnd -- august 2nd. >> the president said lawmakers will be meeting through the weekend and plans to meet with them again on sun. at that point, he hopes lawmakers) can proceed with the compromises needed to reach a deal. more questions about all of thedy abled parking placards outside a san francisco facility. the fog is back. meteorologist steve paulson will be soon to tell you if your city will be cooling down. and a city with no water an a lot of noise.
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a truck packed with chemicals triggered a fire at a trailer store an facility in sacramento. plumes of black smoke shot into the air yesterday evening. several nearby businesses were evacuated an three people were treated after booing in the few. ironically, sacramento appear department recently rediced the size of the -- rae duesed the size of their cash -- reduced the size of their department due to budget cuts. a main pipe broke near mount diablo boulevard and
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village center sent. as tara moriarty tells us, it really made a mess for people living nearby. >> reporter: at:00 in the morning --:00 2:00 a.m., josh was try to keep his house from flooding. >> all of the water was coming in. did was come over my ankles -- it was coming over my ankles. >> reporter: the mud was set several yards down the street. east bay m.u.d. crew worked through the might, removing a piece of sidewalk to get to the ruptured line which left 100 people without water. >> the water pressure was so intense that it actually blew a hole in the grunt. the-- in the ground.
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to fix that added another three hour on the job. when did you discover you didn't have any water? >> when i went too flush the toilet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as for nelson, he just moved here from seattle. furniture and boxes in his garage are waterlogged. >> i will wait and see what the insurance company says. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. and in the past half-hour, state senator loni hancock of berkeley has introduced sb-490 which would convert the sentences of california's more than 700 death row inmates to life without parole -- parole. that's the bill that went before the committee this morning. han cox points out that california has spent more than $4 billion on just 134
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executions since 1976. >> money a could be -- 13 executions since 1976. >> money that could be spent, putting police on the street, having our kids go to college. all of those things. >> at least one victim's rights advocate calls the bill an insult to murder victims an says you cannot put a price tag on justice. the use of pashing placards is getting attention today. as you can see, car after car has a handicap placard. according to "the san francisco examiner" 11 of 14 vehicles marked at liters along the street had the -- meters along the street had those plaque placards. muni says workers have to be in good health for the job an they
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will look into the possible abuse -- and they will look into the possible abuse. a grass fire broke out atant 9:0 -- around 9:30 this morning. firefighters protected the home and stopped the fire at three acres. they say if it had happened later in the day, it would have been blown into a much bigger fire. just as the fire season begins, cal fire is losing an important firefighting tool. the agency will no longer have use of the dc 10, one of the nation's largest firefighting jets. the jets can carry up to 12,000 gallons of fire reardant. most recently it was deployed to help with the arizona wildfires. a sec of yellowstone park is closed to visitors after a grizzly bear killed a tourist.
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raineners say a man andly -- rangers say a man and his wife were walking along the trail when they discovered it. detail about the victim are not being released. this is the first fatal bear attack in yellowstone? 5 yellowstone in 25 years. a lot of low clouds an fog. it did make a strong push inlan. that will probably happen as we head into friday. that's still plenty of low clouds an fog. yesterday, it dropped along the coast and around the bay, the inland temperatures, even though they were out of the upper 90s, unless you are upper -- up farther. fog's mott going anywhere. it will be back. fog, sun, breezy. mainly sunny an breezy.
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the sea breeze has -- has kicked in. it's starting to ramp up again. still a few low 90s left. 60s by the coast. thunderstorm activity is going to start getting pushed off towards the east as our upper air pattern turns southwest. if it does -- 90 in livermore, 7 in con core -- 78 in concord. san jose 78. 65 oakland. you can see why. west win, fairfield, southwest 10. that's a sea breeze as well along with a fog bank. high pressure is building -- is billing toward the east. one low moving into the pacific northwest will settle and a strong one will come in behind that an really cool us down -- and really cool us down. low clouds, fog on the golden
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gate bridge. this morning it was very thick. the fog bank will be thrifting -- lifting getting up a couple of thousand feet. low clous, sunny, breezy, delta breeze is there. anywhere from 60s, 70sant 80s -- and 80s. this is a sure sign everyone is start -- everybody is starting to cool down. 60s, 70s on the peninsula. the five day looks cool and the rest of it -- ask really? >> really -- >> really? >> yeah, back to it. the final space shuttle mission is scheduled to launch at 8:6 tomorrow morning our -- 8:26 tomorrow morning.
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there's a 76% chan of bad weather. if that happens, they will have another chance to lift off on saturday. jaycee dugard says she appreciates her freedom after spending 18 years in captivity. she gave her first interview in advance of next week's release of her mu book, a stolen life. dugard says she still has trouble believing she can walk into the room or jump into the car an go to the beach with her two daughters who were fathered by her kidnapper, phillip garrido. garrido kidnapped did you gather hen she was just 11 -- go guard -- dugard when she was just 11 years old. prosecutors say 59-year-old or villea taylor and herbert todd worked for the san mateo
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transit district and took the money from broken machines they brought in to repair. boat are on unpaid leave and are on $150,000 bill. their preliminary hearing is set for october 25th. caltrain will consider installing cal raws on the front and back of the trains. 11 people were killed by caltrains. cal tans says the cameras will help with investigationsant help prevent accidents. they can also save train conductors. if the plane is approved, they will begin to install the cameras next month. the reno vase of the new -- renovation of the new grand club will be finished by next month. 630 guest rooms an corridors were updated during the first phase. the rest is expected to be
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finished in the fall next year. this will be a special for kids at at&t park. and the new harry potter movie is not even out but already a spell has been cast on these people in the british capital.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks rallying. nasdaq is 7 por an eighth straight day -- is up for an
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eighth straight day. this is a day before the unemployment report for june comes out. santa clara county vector will try to get rid of mosquitoes that may carry the west nile virus. they will be fogging an area by sunnyvale, near south grape avenue and cass kay drive an will start at 11 -- cascade drive and they will start at 11:00 p.m. harry potter fans are camping out. they are waiting for the world premiere of the final series. some fans have been out there since last week, they say they just want to get a glimpse of some of the movie's stars >> i did try to get out early to get the best spot possible. it's an end of an era.
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the movie opens next friday in the u.k. an here in the us. the red vick movie house is about to fay to black. it will show its last film on july 25th. 31 years to the day from when it opened on haight street. the owners say in an era of streaming video, the red vick is simply no longer financial sustainable. the junior giants program is being held for the kids today. the junior -- giants program serves 17,000 in 85 85 the bay area. a you? push to track down dog owners at 5:00. we take a look at the high-tech
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way property owner are playing sleuth. we're tracking the progress of the bay area fishermen rescue in the sea 6 cortez of the there's word that a -- see of cortez. there is word that a mumm of them are heading back -- that a number of them are heading back today. that's our next newscast. have a great day.
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♪ 'cause there's gonna be a test later ♪ ♪ teacher, teacher, now we're back in school ♪ ♪ are you smarter thanou used to be? ♪ foxworthy: hi, everybody, i'm jeff foxworthy, and welcome to "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" okay, guys, you ready to meet your new classmate? [ classmates shouting "yeah!" ] he is a 32-year-old interior designer who was homeschooled. please welcome brian yarbrough. brian: all right! there you go! all right! all right! up top! whoo! foxworthy: brian, how are you? welcome to the show. wow! you were as skinny as i was growing up. brian: it's not pretty. foxworthy: that's all arms and legs. your nickname back then was... -brian: it was "mantis." -foxworthy: mantis! brian: all legs and arms.
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foxworthy: yeah, like a praying mantis. brian: [ laughs ] foxworthy: what kind of a student were you back then? brian: i was a good student. i was kind of the only student. foxworthy: oh, yeah, homeschooled. i guess. brian: yeah, i was homeschooled. foxworthy: the good thing about that is you graduate first in your class. brian: always. every year. every year. foxworthy: getting sent to the principal's office had to be kind of weird. brian: i had to wait till dad got home from work. -it was a delay. -foxworthy: not too good. so, is oklahoma city a good place to grow up? brian: oklahoma city's a great place to grow up. foxworthy: i've been there several times. -i like it. -brian: oh, yeah. foxworthy: so, you're an interior designer? brian: i am. foxworthy: now, what would you do different with this classroom? brian: well, first of all, these overhead lights are pretty harsh. i would get some down-lighting. get a few lamps, definitely an area rug here. a little texture would be nice. foxworthy: a little texture in the classroom. well, we don't have texture, but you know what we've got? -a lot of money. -brian: i like that. whoo! foxworthy: and i want you to take it home with you today. brian: me, too. foxworthy: let me introduce you to some 5th graders i'm gonna let you cheat off of.

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